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Evolution of a computer user

You can see many more excellent
"original" cartoons by Peter Steinfeld
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Visit Apple's new Online Store and configure your own computer !
The new G3's have been receiving "rave reviews" with descriptions that include...
"blazingly fast... and smokin'...".

Apple - Technical Questions

My Mac Online


Digital Apple

Mac Gaming


Mac Tidbits

Mac Fixit

Mac Software and Hardware Guide


Macintouch Home Page

Mac Updates

Versiontracker - Mac Software

MacAddict Network

MacOS Rumors

The Mac Mafia

MacOS Homepage

MacOS Scripting



Mac Orchid

Everything Macintosh

Mac Software Downloads from ZDNet


Macinstuff MacWeek Online
MacWorld MacTech
MacSense MacWorldExpo

Mac Gallery: Mac Icons, Badges and Banners

The Mac Gallery provides the web's largest (over
560) collection of Apple Macintosh images, icons,
logos, buttons, bars, 'Made with Mac and iMac'
badges and banners (in gif format), and Apple
product pictures for use on personal web pages.
Why they call it "Windows"


(used to detect "Windows" users in the area)

The "Gates of Heaven" and The "Gates" of Hell

The Rogue's Gallery

I'll give you 3 guesses Billy Boy...
and the first two don't count!

The mystery of the "Windows" Operating System..."revealed"

Why Windows is so hard to use!
It's really "simple"
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and finally...
	Why Windows users are switching to Mac's
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